Health and Wellness

Sustained Health and Wellness

There are many components of sustained health and wellness, including spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health. The aspects of healthy living vary for each individual, yet encompass physical activity, healthy eating, medical check-ups, mental stability, social interaction, spiritual connectivity, and support from others. Good health or lack thereof is revealed by every facet of life, from relationships to a woman’s physical condition. 1 DA Woman Inc. encourages women to overcome any obstacle by collaborating with health partners to inform the benefits of maintaining personal health.

Physical Health

Today’s world provides convenience over health consciousness. The cost of organic foods are higher, and availability varies by location. Incorporating daily exercise strengthens the body, helps women to feel better internally and gives a healthy appearance. Lack of exercise increases risks of diseases and chronic illnesses. Knowing family medical history can reduce these risks. Also, annual checkups like gynecological exams, mammograms, and preventative

screenings keep women informed on the state of their health.

1 DA Woman Inc. provides informational sessions about various health risks, issues, and solutions and also have Affordable Care Act representatives available to assist individuals with medical coverage enrollment.


Mental and Emotional Health

Societal models of acceptability can cause women to confuse perfection with authenticity. In Afro-American and Caribbean-American communities, mental illness is less addressed and increasingly misunderstood. Stigmas are often placed upon those that seek mental and emotional help. 1 DA Woman Inc. partners with Mental Health professionals and specialists to provide positive reinforcements to develop healthy mental and emotional activity. During info sessions, women receive a strong level of social support and a sense of belonging. Social connections and friendships increase self-worth and self-esteem, and help maintain other healthy behaviors, which help women overcome.


Spiritual Health

Here at 1DA Woman Inc. we believe that “One Divinely Appointed Woman can change the world,” because every woman is divinely appointed for a specific purpose.  Spirituality consists of morals, values, and beliefs that identify the origin, purpose, and direction for one’s life.  1DA Woman workshops embrace a genuine love for our Creator that improves women’s quality of life. Our clients have the option to participate in prayer, meditation, affirmations and other faith-based activities that are of no obligation, but all are welcome.