Meet Our Board


Michelle Barker is a social services professional with more than twenty years experience and upwards of five years in supervision and management.

As a trailblazing woman in her industry, Michelle loves to serve and has a heartfelt passion for helping disadvantaged women. Michelle enjoys giving back to her close-knit community by volunteering her time to multiple organizations based in Brooklyn.


Sandra Britto is currently a Patient Service Assistant at New York Presbyterian Hospital. For several years Sandra served as a supervisor, and is passionate about working with mentally disabled persons.

Sandra is a well-prepared leader who loves empowering today’s youth, where she utilizes all her skills.  She is ready to help take 1DA Woman Inc. to the next level of empowerment.



Glenda Barker is a Court Advocate for a substance abuse treatment program, outside of 1Da Woman Inc. With a background in Criminal Justice and Accounting, Glenda is passionate about positively impacting the life of everyone she encounters.


Alison Semple is a HR professional who has worked in financial, healthcare and non-profit sectors. Obtaining a B.S. in Business Management at Stony Brook University, Alison also received a Human Capital Management certificate from NYU. As the Secretary for 1 DA Woman, Inc., she is eager to see growth and development break forth in the surrounding areas.

Technical Advisor

Curlene Nelson is a software developer. She has trained both youth and older generations in operating software applications for more than ten years.  She is the President and CEO of Nelson Computer Learning Academy and Sisters and Mothers Foundation.  Curlene is a tech adviser seated in multiple committees, and has been appointed to Christ the King RC church Parish Council.