“The groups were good, the topics were good. It was a group of women trying to improve other women’s lives by boosting their confidence. You can put your feelings out there without being judged and get help from other women.”

– K.D. in Brooklyn, NY

“I loved each 1 DA Woman Inc. group that I had an opportunity to participate in. They were engaging and thought provoking, a very nurturing environment for women and girls to develop their power.  I wish people knew how valuable those sessions are. If someone asked me I would say 1 DA Woman Inc. groups are where woman can connect with like-minded, positive women who are on a journey to their greatness.”

 – Lorrie Ayers-Hutchinson from Brooklyn, NY

“I enjoyed attending the groups. I liked the diversity of topics addressed at the group meetings and the various activities that complimented the group discussions. This group is designed to empower, educate and enrich the lives of women to help them reach their potential.”

– Chauncey H. in Brooklyn, NY


“I enjoy the groups, especially the informal ones where we watched movies or just simply have fun. It was the connection of the sisterhood that I loved. The groups were designed to encourage you feel safe, to be vulnerable, to embrace the courage to tell your truth and gain strength, from your peers. The groups are a fun outlet for us as women.”

Faith W. from Brooklyn, NY