About Us

cropped-logo_by_alexdon_01-3.png1 DA Woman Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower Caribbean American women of all ages, to enhance their lives, through the provision of tools and resources necessary for them to achieve their educational goals, sustained health and wellness, and to obtain housing and financial stability.

We believe that if a woman is healthy, educated and financially secured, she can be a conduit for change in her environment. She can create positive change that can last for generations to come. Barriers to creating positive, effective change include lack of accessible tools, resources and information. We want to be a bridge that gets the information, tools and resources to those who may not have access. We offer workshops, conferences, seminars, support groups and other fun activities to bring women together to help each other transform their lives.  We will focus on health and wellness, education, housing, financial stability and any other issues that affect the lives of Caribbean American women.

1 DA Woman Inc. is a group of Caribbean-American women who are passionate about creating positive change in our environment. We are mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, leaders, community activists and entrepreneurs. We strive to Empower, Inspire and Support Caribbean and American woman of all ages.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.