Financial Stability

The more we empower ourselves the better our decisions will be, regardless of whether or not we have a planner. Wrapping our heads around our finances could be intimidating, however, the basic steps are pretty simple.  We need to 1) figure out what our goals are, 2) what we need to achieve them, and 3) to just get started.

Though there are no guarantees that financial planning will double your money, it will certainly give you the power and peace of mind to make informed decisions.  1DA Woman Inc. provides tools, resources and information, through workshops, utilizing the expertise of well-known financial counselors from reputable financial organizations. In our workshops you will learn such topics as:

  •                 -  Assess your current financial situation
  •                 -  Identify your financial needs and goals
  •                 -  Develop a financial plan
  •                 -  The pros and cons of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, etc.
  •                 -  Credit repair
  •                 -  Budgeting
  •                 -  Saving
  •                 -  Investing
  •                 -  Estate planning

The goal is to offer solutions that can lead to financial stability. 1 DA Woman Inc. believes that if a woman is financially stable she can make a huge impact on herself, her family and her community.